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why home improvement?

Home improvement is a way for homeowners to spend money in a productive way. It’s also a way to upgrade, renovate, and increase its value. This blog will explore all types of home improvement projects. You may be surprised by what you will learn.

You will also find information and articles about fixtures and furnishings throughout your home. After all, improving your house is not limited to fixing things or renovating rooms. It’s also about designing and decorating. Finally, without real estate, we wouldn’t have a home in the first place. So there is plenty of information about buying and selling homes as well.

popular topics

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Danny and Michelle Margagliano are the founders and owners of RealtyReads.com. This dynamic couple is not your average home improvement blogger. They have real industry-backed experience. As realtors for over 13 years, they have seen many trends come and go, and they’ve helped customers do just about any scope of home improvement.