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Home improvement is a way for homeowners to spend money in a productive way. It’s also a way to upgrade, renovate, and increase its value. This blog will explore all types of home improvement projects. You may be surprised by what you will learn. When it comes to home maintenance, you will need to purchase different products along the way. That’s why we also have in-depth guides and product reviews to help you make smart purchases.

You will also find information and articles about fixtures and furnishings throughout your home. After all, improving your house is not limited to fixing things or renovating rooms. It’s also about designing and decorating. Finally, without real estate, we wouldn’t have a home in the first place. So there is plenty of information about homebuying and selling homes as well.

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A bathroom with a toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub with adjustable height.
Danny Margagliano

Standard Shower and Tub Valve Height

Many people remain perplexed about the height at which they should mount their shower or tub valve, especially the tub valve. Normally, the tub valve is mounted on the wall adjacent to the tub, within easy reach. 

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Five rolls of toilet paper with varying dimensions and circumference on a black surface.
Danny Margagliano

Circumference of Toilet Paper Roll and Other Dimensions

Circumference of the toilet paper matters because different toilet paper holders and dispensers are designed to accommodate rolls of specific circumferences. This is especially important when you have a small bathroom with a small dispenser to hold a certain type of toilet paper.

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Danny and Michelle Margagliano are the founders and owners of RealtyReads.com. This dynamic couple is not your average home improvement blogger. They have real industry-backed experience. As realtors with over 14 years of experience, they have seen many trends come and go, and they’ve helped customers do just about any scope of home improvement. 

Danny and Michelle possess extensive knowledge and expertise in all facets of homeownership. Their proficiency encompasses a diverse array of scenarios, from providing valuable recommendations and overseeing household maintenance initiatives for homeowners who are preparing to sell their property, to offering guidance and support to new buyers who require assistance with renovating, repairing, or enhancing their newly acquired residence. Their vast experience has allowed them to navigate through a myriad of homeownership-related challenges with exceptional skill and meticulous attention to detail.