5 Pro Tips for Kitchen Sinks Without a Window View

Most kitchen designs follow an unspoken rule that the kitchen window should be above the kitchen sink. If your kitchen doesn’t have a window, you might find it difficult to find a suitable theme for your kitchen sink.
Adding a shelf and some hooks for hanging is a great alternative to a window above your kitchen sink.

What to do if your Kitchen sink is without a window view?

Don’t worry. This is an opportunity to show the magic of your imagination and make your own rules. Here are some ideas to inspire your windowless kitchen sink theme. 

1. Put up a mirror

A mirror is the first alternative that comes to mind when you don’t have a window to place your kitchen sink.

Mirrors give your kitchen a more spacious feel and bounce the light around, creating a pleasant ambiance. You can choose any size but we recommend you go with the largest size possible for your kitchen sink place.

2. String up some plants

Adding a little natural touch to your indoors is always a good idea. Why not place some plants above your kitchen sink to cheer up the place?

Hang some sprawling, vine-y plants or herbs (fresh herbs in your food sounds delicious). 

Plants will add freshness to your kitchen’s atmosphere and increase the beauty of the place.

3. Go for open shelving

Open shelves are a graceful addition to any kitchen design. If you don’t have a window over your kitchen sink, try some open shelves instead.

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They are statement-makers and make the kitchen feel open and bright. Donning glassware, greenery and chinaware these shelves give a sophisticated look.

4. Get Creative with Wallpapers

Wallpapers are mostly used in living rooms and bedrooms. Break the status quo and show your unique side with wallpapers in your kitchen.

A wallpaper with a saturated hue or an interesting pattern will make you forget you’re missing a window above your kitchen sink. Wallpapers can completely transform the look of your kitchen sink area.

5. Hang some art

Show your artistic side by utilizing the space above your windowless kitchen sink area. Hang some framed oil paintings, and wall hangings or place decoration pieces on shelves above your kitchen sink. This will add an artistic touch to your kitchen and keep you entertained while you do your dishes.

Wrap Up

All these ideas can help you spice up your dull windowless kitchen layout. So, what’s holding you back from transforming your kitchen now? 

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