About Us

My name is Danny Margagliano and I have been a top producing realtor since 2008. I met the point in my career where I have a team that runs most of the business for me. I am now able to focus on other projects that interest me, including this website. Based on my experience in real estate which is mainly investment/vacation rental properties I have dealt with just about every aspect of the home.

When someone buys either a condo or a single-family home and they plan to rent it out short-term to vacationers it needs to be furnished inside and out. I’ve sold everything from $99,000 condo to homes nearly $2 million. So I’ve been lucky enough to see everything from budget furniture to high-end luxury. Now I can pass on my knowledge to those looking for things that have to do with the home.

If you have any questions about me, any products, or real estate you can contact me directly at Danny@RealtyReads.com.