Best Unlacquered Brass Door Handles

Building a house is usually a once-in-a-lifetime project for most people. So everyone wants it to be as perfect as possible. Small details like door handles greatly affect a house's overall aesthetics.

We’ve compiled a list of the best unlacquered door handles, so you don’t have to do all the hard work. These functional products have become highly sought after in the past few years because of their antique style. You don’t have to worry about unlacquered door handles going out of style even after decades from now because they are timeless.

The most important qualities of brass door handles are durability, ease of use, and material quality. Of course, they have to complement your home interior as well.

In this article, we’ve listed a variety of unlacquered brass door handles so you can choose the perfect one for your house. Unlacquered brass door handles require some maintenance, so we’ve added some tips to help you maintain them.

What is Unlacquered Brass?

Unlacquered brass is any brass that is not coated with a protective lacquer. The special thing about it is that it develops a natural patina over time, giving it a unique antique look. Unlacquered brass door handles and decor are popular because they can be polished to a high shine to make them stand out.

Why You Should Buy Unlacquered Brass Door Handles

Unlacquered brass door handles never go out of style. Their timeless classic look goes with most interior designs. They age like fine wine. The natural patina that develops over time is just like the white hair of wisdom on an old person.

Some people have become very conscious about hygiene after the pandemic. So the good news for them is that unlacquered brass door handles disinfect themselves in 15 minutes. Brass is a durable metal, so you should consider installing unlacquered brass door handles in your new house.

5 Best Unlacquered Brass Door Handles for Your Home

Here are five best unlacquered brass door handles to compliment your new home or home renovation theme.

Baldwin Estate Series

Baldwin’s Estate is their most elegant door handle series. It’s a marvel of true craftsmanship.

The series offers Hand Relieved, Lifetime PVD, and Living finishes. The Living Finishes offers unpolished brass models for those who love the natural patina that comes on brass with age.

You can play with your ideas with Baldwin’s Mix and Match options, which allow you to choose between different styles and finishes. Design a door handle that is uniquely yours.

These handles have a weighty feel because of the quality of the material used. They’re easy to use and satisfying to touch. Baldwin Estate is a signature of class and elegance.

Emtek Arts and Crafts Lever

The Arts and Crafts lever comes in four finishes, including unlacquered brass. You can choose from two different types of rosettes i.e. Arts and Crafts Rectangular rosette or the Hammered Rosette.

This model has a compatible 28-degree latch compared to a standard 45-degree latch, which makes it easier to open the door. This simple-looking design is made for performance and adds an artistic feel to your home.

Emtek Triton Leverset

This elegant and smart design comes in seven finishes, including the classic unlacquered brass finish. You can choose any rosette from Emtek’s brass collection to compliment this lever. 

Just like the Arts and Crafts Lever, you can upgrade to the 28-degree latch for convenient usage. This door handle set includes a latch and strike plate. Whether you’re looking for privacy, passage or a dummy handle, this model is a great choice for any household or office (Insert affiliate Link).

Nostalgic Warehouse Waldorf Crystal Knob

This door knob set combines a classic rosette and a crystal door knob to create a masterpiece of door hardware. The design complements a variety of interior designs and gives a posh look to your home.

You can use this door knob for passage, privacy, or as a dummy. The set is complete for both sides of a door. In addition to the popular unlacquered brass finish, this set also comes in seven other finishes.

The premounted knobs and levers make its installation easy. So what are you waiting for? Get the best deal (Insert affiliate Link) on this door knob right now.

Nostalgic Warehouse New York with New York Knob

This door knob has the classic New York look. The solid brass plate and door knob have a high-quality finish. Its clean lines and tailored make are sure to grab the attention of your visitors. The smooth and round shaped knob is a classic look that remains in fashion every time.

You can choose from 8 different finishes, including the unlacquered brass, which is durable and adds to the beauty of your home.

All these brass door handles and knobs are high quality, but you need to maintain them to increase their durability. Here are some tips to increase their durability and keep them looking fresh. 

Care and Maintainance of Unlacquered Brass

Here are three tips to answer your questions about the maintenance of unlacquered brass.

Keep the Door Handles Clean

Dirt and grime can build on unlacquered brass door handles over time. Regularly clean them to prevent damage to the door handles. Use a soft cloth to clean them and mild soap and water to make them shine.

Choose Proper Cleaners

Every cleaner is not appropriate for brass door handles. Use mild soap and water that are readily available and easy to use. If you’re still interested in using a cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning door handles, buy an unlacquered brass door handle cleaner.

Embrace the Patina

Most people buy unlacquered brass door handles because of the natural patina that builds up over time. Let the patina develop over time to enhance the graceful ambiance of your home.

If you want the patina to develop faster, you can buy a patina solution to speed up the process.


Unlacquered brass door handles are the best choice if you’re looking for door hardware that will stand the test of time. Their timeless and classic design will enhance the aesthetics of your home. 

You can find a door handle that fits your style from all three brands mentioned above. They have a variety of classic and modern designs.
Grab a set or two at the best price from (Insert Affiliate landing page link). Don’t forget to maintain your brass door handles to keep them looking new for years to come.

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