Blinking Red Light on Bosch Dishwasher: Causes and Solutions

Many minor oversight can actually induce the Bosch dishwasher's red LED light to blink or flash. A poorly latched dishwasher door commonly signals the door sensor to trigger this blinking light. 
Bosch dishwasher - blinking red light.

However, there might be a variety of reasons that cause this issue. If you want to debunk this problem, this easy-to-follow guide may help you. 

How Do You Approach Bosch Dishwasher Blinking Red Light

Addressing a blinking red light issue in your Bosch dishwasher involves a systematic approach to troubleshooting and resolving the problem. Here’s some underlying cause of this issue and how you can effectively tackle the situation:

Didn’t Press the Start Button

You have done everything right, from loading the dishes and adding detergent to choosing a certain wash cycle and adjusting additional settings. But chances are you might do one thing wrong, which is, forgetting to press the start button before shutting the door.

At this point, simply open the door to check whether you pressed the start button or not. If not, then press the start button and immediately shut the door without any delay. You’ll likely see that the beeping sound and blinking red in your Bosch dishwasher is gone. 

Water Supply Issue

The dishwasher requires a water supply to run or operate. A red light may start flashing or blinking when there’s a lack of water supply or a disruption. So double-check whether the water supply to the dishwasher is on or off. 

You should also check the water supply hose for any blockages or kinks at any point. If there is an issue with the water supply, the dishwasher may not be able to start the cycle, and the red light may blink. Instead, you can see a steady red light, which is normal. It is an indication of a running cycle. 

Remove All the Trapped Water

Don’t get disappointed after finding the start button is already turned on. Sometimes, trapped water inside the Bosch dishwater might cause sensor-related problems, which can trigger the red light to blink. So, the solution for this is to get the water out of the dishwater. And here is how you do it.

First, turn off the dishwasher and unplug it from the power source. In the next step, tidy up the space by removing all objects around the dishwasher. Position yourself behind the dishwasher, then place your hands on the upper front edge and gently pull it toward you. 

The goal is to create a slight angle (about 45 degrees) by lifting the front of the dishwasher above the surface. Keep the dishwasher tilted for a minute or two to allow any trapped water to drain out. Ensure all the water drains from the back of the dishwasher. 

Now, carefully lower the dishwasher back onto a flat surface, and make sure you don’t drop it abruptly. You should keep someone to help in this work, which can also prevent any unforeseen accidents. Once the dishwasher is back in its normal position, plug it back into the power outlet and turn it on. Try starting a cycle to see if the issue has been resolved.

Check the Door Latch

Sometimes, blinking red light freaks you out so much that the simple fact of the door not being securely shut could easily go unnoticed. Many people might already be well-informed about this, especially since it’s a common phenomenon in Bosch 500 and Bosch 100 series. If the door is open or not tightly shut, the dishwasher never starts its operation. Instead, it will persistently flash or blink a red light.

So close the door properly and ensure no obstructions or items prevent the door from closing completely. It’s also possible that your latch is loose or damaged. If such is the case, you need to inspect it properly and get help from a professional to replace or fix it. In some models of Boshch, the door handle can also be the culprit.

Reset the Dishwasher

Most of the time, resetting or rebooting the dishwasher might solve your problem of red light flushing and the program not initiating. Here is the step-by-step instruction for how you reset your Bosch dishwasher. 

  • Find the Start/Reset button on your dishwasher’s control panel.
  • Press and hold the Start/Reset button for 3 seconds. You might observe the display briefly showing “0:01.”
  • Then, close the door and wait a few minutes for the dishwasher to drain out the water. This action prompts your Bosch dishwasher to reset.
  • You might hear the sound of draining if your dishwasher was previously running and active.

If the above steps aren’t applicable or don’t work, and you can’t identify a reset button, consult your owner’s manual for guidance. If unavailable, you can follow the below process alternatively.

Disconnect the dishwasher from its power source. Allow it to remain unplugged for at least five minutes. Then, plug the dishwasher back into the electrical outlet. This step ensures a complete reset of the system.

After resetting, you can solve your dishwasher’s blinking red light problem. In this way, the machine typically solves the programming glitch or error and reloads the system.

Faulty Electrical Sensor

If none of the above fixes can actually resolve the issue, a faulty sensor or component within the dishwasher might be the culprit for the blinking red light. There is a high chance of an error code being displayed. 

Check your Bosch Dishwasher’s manual to understand it. If it still gets unresolved, it is recommended to contact Bosch customer support or a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the dishwasher. 


What Does a Blinking Red Light Mean On a Bosch Dishwasher by Manufacturer?

Answer: A blinking red light on the Bosch dishwasher indicates that an error or glitch is preventing the dishwasher from completing a cycle. According to the manufacturer, blinking red light can indicate various issues such as a blocked filter, drainage problems, a door not closed properly, or a malfunctioning sensor, etc.

Are There Specific Error Codes Associated With the Blinking Light?

Answer: Some Bosch dishwasher models might display specific error codes and blinking lights. Check your dishwasher’s manual to decode these error codes and understand what they indicate. The error codes may vary from model to model. So check your manual specifically.

Is There a Reset Button on a Bosch Dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, there is a reset button on most Bosch dishwashers that can be used to reset the machine. The location and labeling of the reset button may vary depending on the model of your dishwasher. Some Bosch dishwasher models also have a Cancel Drain button, which can be used to initiate a reset. Press and hold this button for about 3 seconds, and your dishwasher will be reset.


Up until this point, you are aware of many causes and their possible solutions. So, how will you go about the troubleshooting? 

It would be best if you chronologically start from little flaws, such as checking the door and water supply, then progress to troublesome fixes, like removing trapped water and analyzing the sensor’s functionality. Thereby, you can achieve a more straightforward remedy.

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