Choosing the Perfect Backsplash for Butcher Block Countertops

Choosing the perfect backsplash for butcher block countertops.

When remodeling your kitchen, you’ve settled on a butcher block countertop. With this decision in mind, the choice of backsplash becomes critical as it needs to integrate with the natural wood grain and warm tones of the countertop. The backsplash should complement the butcher block in a way that feels like a perfect pairing.

While there are countless possible combinations, we’ve narrowed down the options to a few backsplash designs that truly enhance the beauty of the butcher block countertop. They will help you achieve a complete unit that is not only functional but also gorgeous-looking.     

Use the Same Butcher Block 

Kitchen countertop and backsplash using butcher block

Using similar materials for both countertops and backsplash is a fantastic idea to upgrade the kitchen’s visual presentation.

If you have a butcher block countertop in place, you can install a similar butcher block for the backsplash as well. Doing so makes a kitchen layout look not only seamless and cohesive but also looks modern and fresh.

While this design is more common as a solid slub with natural stone or marble, you can also achieve the same design by using wooden materials like butcher blocks. With Butcher block materials, your counter and backsplash unit will have little to no grout line and seam at all.

As there are fewer areas for dirt and grime to accumulate, it also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. On top of that, the butcher block is a more economical choice compared to other natural stones.

However, it’s important to remember that wood countertops do require regular sealing and upkeep to protect them from moisture and wear.

Maintain a Cozy Ambiance with Wood Paneling

wood paneling backsplash and butcher block countertop.

If not the butcher block backsplash, the same species of traditional wood paneling can also be used to accentuate the wooden butcher block countertops. 

Wood paneling, in general, refers to the installation of wooden panels or boards as a decorative element of the home and kitchen. Wood paneling comes in a wide array of types, each of which can offer a distinct appearance and design.

For example, reclaimed wood paneling gives a rustic and classical look to the kitchen and is more eco-friendly as well. This wood paneling is also stronger comparatively as the materials originally come from older trees.

Another popular type of wood paneling is beadboards. Beadboard wood paneling can be an excellent combination with an already existing butcher block countertop. Beadboard backsplash, painted in crisp white, can enhance a cottage or farmhouse aesthetic when combined with butcher block. On top of that,  it is an affordable backsplash choice as well. Eventually, you can have your money saved.

Choose Timeless Style with Subway Tile 

subway tile backsplash with butcher block countertop

Subway tile remains a timeless choice for backsplashes and enjoys widespread popularity. When it comes to pairing with butcher block countertops, subway tile backsplash is an ideal choice. 

Subway tiles have a unique quality – they go well with various kitchen styles and layouts, making them very versatile. Plus, they’re budget-friendly. 

Subway tiles have a smooth, glazed surface that resists mold, mildew, and germs, making them easy to clean with just mild soap.

Create a Focal Point with Natural stone

When you go through the options of backsplash, chances are you will become perplexed with endless options of material. However, if you only pay attention to the stone category, you may find the most suitable style for your kitchen layout. 

The combination of natural stone and butcher block countertops poses no compatibility issues.  Whatever natural stones you choose, they can complement the natural warmth of wood for butcher block countertops. 

Some of the stones that may get along with butcher block countertops are marble, travertine, and granite. With marble backsplash, the kitchens have a gray or white appearance with beautiful veining that compliments the wooden charm of the countertop. 

Travertine features a soft, earthy look on the backsplash, suitable in Mediterranean or rustic-themed kitchens with butcher block countertops. When paired with humble butcher block countertops, granite can sometimes appear overly extravagant for the setting, even though it remains a practical and highly durable choice.

Kitchen with white cabinets and bar stools featuring an elegant marble backsplash.

Inspire Eco-Friendly Design with Mosaic Glass

Mosaic glasses are smaller in size and shape. They allow flexibility when designing backsplash. You can choose a variety of designs and customizations with all these small mosaic glasses. 

Other than their style and appearance, these glasses are non-porous and stain-resistant, which increases their significance as a backsplash option. What really makes a difference in your choice is that mosaic glass made from recycled materials is more environmentally friendly than glass made from raw materials. 

Also, mosaic glass comes in various shapes and colors, so you can easily select the perfect color that complements your butcher block countertop.

Embrace Industrial Style with Sheet Metal

While it may sound a bit unusual, using sheet metal is becoming increasingly popular on the backsplash. If combined with a butcher block countertop, it can show an industrial and rustic appearance in the kitchen. 

Besides, they are very easy to work with for installers and easy to customize as well. They can be customized to fit any space and can be cut to size with precision.

Earthy Design with Terracotta Tiles

Terra cotta tiles normally have a warm and earthy tone which complements wooden countertops’ natural warmth and rustic charm.. So the combination of terracotta tiles in the backsplash and butcher block in the countertop is spot-on. Consider the specific shade of terra cotta that matches well or integrates with the wood tones on your countertop.


What Backsplash Looks Best with Butcher Block Countertops?

Answer:  White and gray colors mostly complement butcher block countertops. First, there isn’t a single backsplash that looks best with a butcher block countertop. Various styles of backsplashes are available, offering a warm and cohesive look in your kitchen. 

Opinions on this matter vary widely from person to person. However, some experts recommend using the same wood species in the backsplash, such as a wooden backsplash, along with the butcher block countertop.

How Thick is a Typical Butcher Block Backsplash?

Answer: There isn’t a specific set of guidelines for how thick a butcher block backsplash should be. Thicker cuts are more durable and attractive but also more expensive. Typically, the thickness of the butcher block falls within the range of 1 to 2 inches.

Is It Essential for the Backsplash to Match the Butcher Block Countertops Exactly?

Answer: While it’s not necessary for the backsplash to match the countertops exactly, it should complement them in terms of color, texture, and style. Creating a harmonious balance is more important than an exact match.


If you carefully and thoughtfully choose the backsplash, it can complement your cherished butcher block countertop and enhance the overall visual appeal of your kitchen. 

Remember that there isn’t a single or even multiple design and style combinations that can guarantee the best look for your kitchen. The more you explore different designs, the better the chance you have of achieving the kitchen of your dreams.

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