11 Living Room Decor Ideas that are Budget Friendly

Living Rooms are the heart of our homes. A well-decorated and furnished living room adds to the happiness of enjoying life with your loved ones. Here are 10 living room decor ideas to give your living room a fresh look without breaking the bank.

1. Rearrange Living Room Furniture

One of the easiest free ways to refresh your living room style is to rearrange your furniture. Clear away the clutter and eliminate anything that doesn’t seem to belong there.

Help your family members move the furniture around until you create a visually pleasing layout.

Arrange chairs and sofas into groupings that will make the living room a place for conversation rather than isolated use of smartphones.

After the heavy furniture, the next step is to arrange your collectibles in groups.

2. Exhibit Collectibles in Groups

Your collectibles are a reflection of your style. From valuable handed-down relics to inexpensive thrift shop decor, all have the best impact when grouped by color, shape, and subject matter.

Remember these things when shopping for discounted decor to go with your displays.

Now that you’ve removed the unnecessary stuff, rearranged your furniture, and grouped your collectibles, it’s time to buy some budget-friendly decor. 

3. Search for Vintage or Thrifted Decor

If you can’t afford decor from expensive brands, try flea markets, antique shops, thrift stores, and estate sales. 

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You’ll find plenty of collectibles that will enhance your living room’s aesthetics and give it an impressive makeover.

You can always add a touch of your imagination to repurpose vintage furniture to create functional furnishings.

4. Repurpose Vintage Furniture

You can watch DIY hacks on youtube.com to transform vintage items for daily use. Use an antique ladder to hang throw blankets, employ wicker laundry baskets to hold magazines or files, or cut down a farm table’s leg to make an old-style coffee table, you can also use a vintage trunk as seating or hold board games in it.

The list of possibilities is endless. If you’re more into art, why not make DIY living room art?

5. Create DIY Living Room Art

DIY canvas art is a budget-friendly way to add an artistic touch to your living room. Buy black canvases to paint your imagination. Go for cool geometric shapes or an abstract contemporary composition. You can also use canvases as bases for stenciled motifs or collages of crafting remnants.

Check out our DIY section for aesthetic ideas to improve your home. Here’s one that you can do yourself, and that too without spending too much: Add plants to your living room.

6 Employ Natural Elements as Living Room Decor

You can find low-maintenance plants at affordable prices to add a sculptural vibe to your living room. Bring a little life to your living space with different-shaped leaves and foliage.

You can place a potted plant on your coffee tables as a centerpiece and fill empty corner spaces with hanging plants.

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If you’re not confident with your maintenance abilities, buy some realistic faux plants. 

Speaking of faux plants, there are other ways you can use faux items to make your living room cozy.

7. Cover up the Sofa with Faux Fur

A shabby sofa can give a bad impression. But it’s quite easy to fix this problem with faux furs. Rather than investing more money on replacing the sofa or the loose cover, buy some sofa throws and fleeces to refresh your sofa’s look.

It’s better to layer the sofa with a combination of throws and add some cushions as well. Tone your sofa with different colored cushions that complement its color and patterns. 

This will brighten up your living room seating area. Do you know what else makes your room look brighter and more spacious? Good lighting.

8. Boost Basic Lighting

Give your lonely light pendant some company by adding more in a cluster to give a wow effect. This is a very low-budget hack to make your living room more ‘alive’.

Experiment with different shapes and sizes to find the best combinations that suit your living room. Try different materials like woven pendants, metal or plastic. Play with color and height variations to create a more visual impact.

While you’re at it, match or contrast your light pendants with floating shelves.

9. Add Floating Shelves

If you feel that bespoke built-in living room shelves are costly, try off-the-peg floating shelves. They will solve your storage issue while also adding to your living room’s grandeur.

Stack these floating shelves on top of one another to utilize the full height of your living room walls. For long walls, you can buy extra long shelves or join several shelves for a neat linear look.

Now that you’re all set with your ceiling and walls it’s time to focus on your living room floor. What best to decorate your floor than a rug? 

10. Zone with a New Rug

Rugs add a different perspective and help zone spaces in your living room. You can choose rugs from Ikea and Wayfair at a budget-friendly price.

If your living room has a subtle color theme, go a little bold with a bright-colored rug and matching cushions that contrast with the sofas. This will give your living room a quick refresh.

These little details add to the aesthetics of your living room but if you’re looking for an overall makeover paint is your best option.

11. Use Paint to Refresh Your Living Room on a Budget

Grab your paintbrush and refresh your walls with new coats of paint. This is a fun and easy DIY, ask your family and friends to join in.

If you’re bored with your old living room color, try something new, get out of your comfort zone and try something out of the box.

Use paint to color your living room walls, give your garage sale furniture a new look and highlight features of your living room.

Wrap Up

There are many budget-friendly ways to decorate your living room. Rearrange your furniture, create DIY art, get economical furniture from garage sales, buy rugs from Ikea, and paint your living room yourself.
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