Maytag Washing Machine F09 E01 Error Code: Causes and Solution

Your Maytag washing machine has been working smoothly, but one day out of the blue, an F09 E01 Error Code on the display sends a chill down your spine.
Two pictures of a Maytag washing machine with a timer on it, displaying F09 E01 error code.

Well, no need to worry, as the good news is it’s mostly repairable on your own. But the bad news here is you need to do quite hard work to fix that error code

Normally, F09 E01 means there are some issues in the drain pump system preventing the washer from running without a hitch. So, we will go over all the causes and their possible straightforward solutions so this nerve-racking error code goes away from the Maytag washing machine. 

What Does F09 E01 Code Mean in Maytag Washer?

F09 E01 essentially indicates that your Maytag washing machine has encountered some problems in the drain pump system. The machine may seem to have difficulty draining the water, which means it takes too long to drain. 

The majority of cases or culprits are clogged drain catch/trap, incorrect installation of the drain hose, and drain extending too much into the standpipe. If fixing these issues doesn’t help eliminate the F09 E01 code, then the problem is in the drain pump. In that case, replacing the drain pump is the only way to find a solution. 

How to Solve the Issue?

As the F09 E01 Error Code is already on display, you may observe some draining problems with the washer. 

In the majority of cases, gaining access and cleaning out the drain catch solves the issue. This drain catch basically acts as a drain pump filter in every other washer. This part of the washer is designed to collect or catch the debris, lint, and pieces of cloth from the flow of water to drain and ensures the proper functioning of a draining system. 

When the drain catch is clogged by foreign objects, it needs to be cleaned for the proper functioning of the draining system. The process of cleaning and removing the debris from the drain catch involves two main parts. 

One is accessing the drain catch, and the other is removing the cap and cleaning the inside objects. While the cleaning part is quite easy, uncovering and accessing the drain catch might seem a bit difficult and daunting. 

The reason is every model of the Maytag washer is quite different in design than the others. In some models, you may need to remove the rear metal panel and in other models, opening the lower front panel of the Maytag washer gives you access to that part of the washing machine. Consult your washing machine’s manual for specific instructions on finding it.

To make things easier for you, we have divided the whole process from accessing to cleaning into multiple steps. 

Step 1: Safety First

Unplug the washing machine from the power outlet and ensure the power is cut entirely off the washing machine. Also, remove the water supply to prevent the water from entering. 

Step 2: Locate the Drain Trap/Catch 

Read your owner’s manual to correctly locate the drain catch. You don’t want to open a panel of the washer with no guarantee of where it is located. Normally, the drain trap is located at the bottom of the washer near the drain pump. However, you may need to open either the lower front panel or the rear panel to access it. 

Step 3: Preparation

Assemble all the necessary tools, such as a water-catching bowl, a drill or screwdriver, and a flashlight. This will help you achieve a smoother workflow. 

Step 4: Remove the Access Panel

First, be sure about the access panel of the drain catch, and then remove the screws with a screwdriver or drill. A drill may help you do it faster and easier. When you remove all the bolts from the panel, pull the panel off the machine.

Step 5: Tilt the Washer

Tilt the machine backward and position it 45 degrees against the wall. This will lift the lower front of the washer for easier and more comfortable access. 

Step 6: Remove the Drain Cap

When the access panel is finally open, the drain catch will be clearly visible. You can see the drain pump mounted to the floor of the washer. Right next to it, there is a  plastic cap which you need to remove. 

Turn that cap about two and a half counterclockwise, and it will come out. Bear in mind that it may spill some water. So keep the water-catching bowl or towel under it. This is actually the drain catch, also known as the drain trap. Clean that up and reinstall the trap again. 

Step 7: Reassemble

Put the drain pump panel back in place and secure it tightly. If you had to tilt the machine, gently lower it back to its original position.

Lastly, plug the washing machine back in to turn the power back on. Run a short test cycle to ensure the machine is functioning properly without showing the F09 E01 error code. If everything runs perfectly, you are ready to use your Maytag Washing machine again.      

What are the Other Causes and Solutions of the Problem? 

In most situations, cleaning up the drain catch of the Maytag washer makes the F09 E01 Error Code vanish. While a clogged drain catch could be stated as the crux of the matter, some other factors may contribute to the draining issue of the washer, ultimately triggering the F09 E01 error code. 

Drain Hose Condition

If the drain hose is not installed properly or in the wrong condition, this may lead to a draining problem. Check these conditions of the drain hose. 

Depth of Hose into Standpipe

Check the plumbing system and see whether the drain hose is inserted too far into the standpipe. If it is, the Maytag washer may encounter delays while draining. As a general rule, make sure that the drain hose doesn’t extend more than 4.5″ (114 mm) into the standpipe. 

Proper Attachment of the Hose End

Additionally, please check the installation and attachment of the drain hose to the drain pipe or tub. Ensure that the drain hose is securely attached at both ends. You can verify the hose’s proper positioning and depth by examining the securing clamps. 

It’s important to confirm that the clamp is in good condition. If you find that the clamp is damaged, do not attempt to fix it by tapping, as this can still lead to leaking issues.

Proper Height of Drain Hose

The proper drain hose height is also crucial to prevent siphoning. If the drain hose end is too low, it can lead to siphoning, where water is pulled out of the machine while it’s still filling. 

To prevent siphoning, the end of the drain hose should be positioned higher than 36 inches (approximately 91 centimeters) from the floor. At least, the end of the hose should be at the same or higher level than the washing machine. 

By maintaining the correct height for the drain hose, you can ensure that water flows out of the machine during the drain cycle but does not flow back in when the machine is filling.

So, figuring out all the issues relating to the drain hose and fixing them right away can solve the draining problem, which as a result, also eliminates the F09 E02 error code. 

Excessive or Wrong Detergent

Excessive or wrong detergent can also be the source of the F09 E01 error code. Excessive detergent can create excessive suds, leading to drain pump system issues and triggering the error code. Similarly, using the wrong detergent, such as regular detergent, instead of high-efficiency (HE) detergent can also cause suds and draining-related problems. 

That’s why always make sure you use the right amount of detergent according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Maytag highly recommends using HE detergents which are specifically designed for high-efficiency washers. Regular detergent can create more suds and lead to draining problems and F09 E01 error code.

What If F09 E01 Error Code Still Persist?

If the F09 E01 error code still exists despite trying all the possible ways of solutions, then the culprit is the drain pump. Ultimately, the drain pump is the center mechanism of the whole draining system of every washing machine, including Maytag. It basically pumps out the wastewater through the drain hose.

When the drain pump becomes damaged or defective, it can leak some water, and you may hear a small sound from the drain pump because the water is not draining the way it is supposed to. You can only depend on your sixth sense to understand that the drain pump is up and running.

If you find that the drain pump is not working correctly, the replacement of it is the only way out. Because the drain pump is not repairable. So replacing the drain pump entirely is the ultimate solution to the F09 E01 error code problem. 

If the above steps do not resolve the issue and the F09 E01 error code persists, it is recommended to contact Maytag customer support. A qualified technician can diagnose the washer and provide further assistance in resolving the error code.


In a nutshell, the F09 E01 error points to issues related to the washer drain system, such as clogged drain catch or drain hose, inappropriate condition and attachment of drain hose, or defective drain pump. By carefully following the steps and guide, you can diagnose and resolve the error in your Maytag washing Machine. 

Similar to Maytag, the Whirlpool washer also displays an E1/F9 error code which also indicates issues related to the drain pump. While the approach to resolving the issue might be different, both washers show quite similar error messages for the same underlying cause.

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