LG Dishwasher AE Code

AE error code on LG dishwasher

Most modern dishwashers display error codes or blinking LED lights to show or let users know about various issues within the device. Every error code indicates a specific issue so you can take definitive measures to resolve that problem.  Likewise, LG dishwashers show an AE error code when it detects overflowing water inside. As a … Read more

Maytag Washer 5d Code: Causes and Solutions

Maytag washer's 5d error code on the display

All modern washing machines, including Maytag, are designed with an error code system to alert users about various malfunctions or issues during operation. A Maytag washer displaying a 5d error code indicates that your washing machine is experiencing problems with excessive suds and soap residue.  The 5d error code in a Maytag washer can be … Read more

Maytag Washer Won’t Drain

The washing machines suddenly not draining is common across all washing machines, including Maytag. It may happen for many causes, from small to big, and successfully figuring out the cause can give you the advantage of quickly fixing that.  That’s why we have discussed all the causes in hierarchical order, from the most common cause … Read more