Peat Moss Over Grass Seed: Pros and Cons

A bag of peat moss sitting on a table, along with grass seed.

Many people fail to grow their lawns because they cannot maintain proper moisture levels in the soil. For them, covering the initial grass seed with peat moss can be an excellent and game-changing option. However, some people are discouraged from using peat moss as it also has many downsides. If you are considering the possibility of … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Red Creeping Thyme in Texas

Plant, Grow, Red Creeping Thyme, Texas

Red Creeping Thyme Texas is a special variety of thyme known as the ground cover plant. It has every other quality to create a beautiful landscape. The reddish-pink flowers bloom in clusters, and a pleasant fragrance and spread horizontally low to create a dense mat-like appearance. So it can be used as an excellent lawn alternative as well.