How to Plan an Attic Renovation for your Home: The Basics

A completed attic renovation in a home gives an extra bonus room.

Now is a great time to start making plans for renovating your attic. There are a lot of home improvement projects to do this time of year, from putting on a new roof to adding rooms for more people. When it comes to adding value to your home by doing renovations most people think of bathroom or kitchen renovations. Although, an attic renovation can be one of the best ways to get the most value out of your money when you’re doing home improvements. 

Before you start working on your attic renovation, you need to consider a few things.

Time and Cost

Time and money are the two most important things to think about when adding to your home. Remodeling an attic takes time and can cost a lot of money. But, renovating your attic is a great investment because you’ll gain more square footage, which can make your home worth more, thus allowing you to recoup some of the cost whenever you decide to sell.

Intended Use

How do you intend on using your newly renovated attic? Some examples of possible uses can include a home office, a bedroom for an older child, or even a game room. The intended use will play a big role in how much the project will ultimately cost, how long it will take, and what kind of features you’ll want to include in the overall design.

Licensed Contractor

When you begin a reno project this big, you need to be certain that the contractor has thought of everything. There could be rules about attic renovations in San Antonio that you have to follow. A licensed contractor should help you understand the permits and laws, as well as figure out what you need for your renovation to go well. A contractor may also advise you on the best times to begin, help to create a budget, and even give you some ideas on how to best utilize your space.

Climate Controlled

After figuring out what the space will be used for, you must consider how to maintain a comfortable temperature. Depending on the room’s intended purpose, a standalone HVAC system and fan may be the way to go. 

Safe Stairs

If you have been using a pull-down ladder or hatch to access the attic, you’ll need to make some room in the attic and the floor below for a set of permanent stairs. But keep in mind that the majority of pre-existing attic staircases are not up to current safety standards. You should talk to someone at the local building department before you do anything else. When upgrades aren’t possible, special consideration may be given.

It’s important to note that a functional attic requires not only stairs leading up, but also a minimum of one fully functional emergency escape and rescue entrance. Both the size and location of this gap must comply with building codes.

Loving Your Attic Renovation 

Converting your attic into a livable space is a smart way to expand your home’s square footage and boost its market value, which will help increase your profits if you use a program like Sell Fast. Whether you want to make your bedroom bigger or convert your attic into a spare room, you can do both with relative ease. Your family’s wants and needs may be drastically altered after adding a room to your home.

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