How To Stop People From Parking In Front Of Your House

It’s very frustrating when your neighbor takes up the parking spot in front of your house. We totally understand your problem, and we’ve compiled a list of solutions to help resolve your parking problem.
how to stop people from parking in front of your house

This problem is common, and its solutions differ from person to person. So here are some simple, creative, and technical solutions that will get your neighbors to stay off the parking in front of your house.

How to Stop People from Parking in Front of Your House – Practical Tips That Actually Work

The most important things in this whole situation are respect and courtesy. But not all neighbors are the same, so you might have to take other measures to deal with pesky neighbors.

1. Talk to Your Neighbors

A simple talk with your neighbors about the parking spot might be the quickest solution to your problem. Don’t assume negative things about your neighbors. Ask them why they’re parking in your spot. This might be a temporary situation. Your neighbors should speak to you beforehand if they need extra parking space if they’re renovating the house or have guests over. If they haven’t informed you ahead of time, you can ask them to clear the air.

If there is no genuine reason for them to park in front of your house, have a friendly conversation with them about this. Calm and kind conversation can change the mind of most neighbors.

2. Utilize The Space In Front Of Their House

Give them a taste of their own medicine BUT in a graceful way. If they don’t get off your parking spot even after a conversation, park your car in front of their house. This approach will make them understand that you had no choice because they’ve blocked the parking spot or the entrance of your house. 

Be prepared for some backlash from them. In such a case, remain civil and explain the situation so they understand their mistake.

3. Send them a Note

You can always try the power of the pen if dialogue and action don’t work. Post a note on your neighbor’s car so they can get the message whenever they approach it.

Place the note under the windshield wiper so they don’t miss it. Write a clear and concise note that explains the situation.

Don’t use insulting language because this will only escalate the matter. Don’t sound commanding but state why you need the space in front of your house to park your car. Knowing the reasons may help them change their mind and keep off your parking space.

4. Reserve The Space In Front of Your House

If your neighbor persists in taking up the parking spot in front of your house, reserve the spot before them. Put a parking cone or any other item to mark your territory.

If you don’t have a traffic cone readily available, put the trash can at your parking spot to reserve it. Move the trash can a few feet toward your parking spot so that no one else uses it, and the trash collectors can easily reach the trash can.

Hopefully, your neighbors will get the message that you don’t want them taking the parking spot in front of your house.

Remember that you can only act on this tip if the space in front of your house is private. By law, you can not reserve a public space. Everyone has the right to park in public parking spots. 

5. Creativity Helps

Bring out the creativity inside you. When all other methods fail, create boundaries. Use washable spray paint to outline the parking spot in front of your house. Use markers to organize the parking spot in a way that helps you reverse smoothly without disturbing your neighbors’ cars and parking spots.

In some localities, you can get a permit from local authorities to create parking markers. Make sure you abide by the local law. Your rights vary depending on your local laws and the type of property your parking spot is on (public or private).

6. Install A Fence

To totally block stubborn neighbors, build a fence at the front of your house. You can only fence off the area in front of your home if it is private property.

If you can get a permit to build a fence, it might be the only thing you need to do to stop your neighbor from parking in front of your house. After installing the fence, take a breath of relief. You can now easily park your car in front of your home, in your driveway or garage.

7. Get A Resident-Only Parking Permit

In some states, parking laws allow residents exclusive rights to parking in their residential areas. Apply for an exclusive permit for the area in front of your house to reserve it for yourself. 

A special reason for applying for a permit can increase your chances of getting approval. You’ll have to provide proof of the reason for your request, such as a medical record for health-related issues or a letter from your employer about the nature of your job.

8. Install Security Cameras as Deterrents to Unwanted Par king

Security cameras are practical deterrents for theft, vandalism, and unwanted parked cars. Put a sticker indicating around-the-clock surveillance to discourage people from parking in front of your house.

Now that you know how to handle the situation, fight for your right to park in front of your house.

Bottom Line

The problem of unwanted parking in front of your house doesn’t have a one-fits-all solution. That’s why we’ve listed several solutions so you can choose those that fit your specific circumstances. 

You should check your local laws to find out how you can use the law in your favor to stop your neighbors from taking up the parking in front of your house. 

We hope you solve the problem of unwanted parking in front of your house in a way that keeps you on good terms with your neighbors.

All the best! Flexoffers

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