Circumference of Toilet Paper Roll and Other Dimensions

Circumference of the toilet paper matters because different toilet paper holders and dispensers are designed to accommodate rolls of specific circumferences. This is especially important when you have a small bathroom with a small dispenser to hold a certain type of toilet paper.

When you know the circumference of the toilet paper roll, it helps you choose the right roll that perfectly fits in your holder. Besides, we have also shed light on the overall size of toilet paper rolls including the length, width, and dimension. 

Five rolls of toilet paper with varying dimensions and circumference on a black surface.

What is the Circumference, and How Do You Measure It for Toilet Paper?

Circumference of toilet paper is the total length of the outer enclosing boundary of circular toilet paper. The circumference of any circular figure is measured by the formula of C=𝜋d or C=2𝜋r, where C is the circumference, r is the radius, d is the diameter, and 𝜋 is an irrational number, which is often rounded to 3.14 for calculation. 

Once you know the formula, you simply measure the diameter or radius of the toilet paper and use this formula to measure the circumference of the toilet paper you have. While it may be difficult to measure the radius, you may end up having false readings. 

Better yet, measure the diameter, which is the length of the line connecting two points on either edge, and the line must pass through the center. 

What is the Circumference of a Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper, as a commercial commodity, doesn’t have a single universal circumference or diameter. Brands manufacture toilet paper rolls of different sizes and girths. Some toilet paper rolls are large ( jumbo-size rolls)  with a higher number of sheets, and some toilet papers contain a comparatively lower number. 

Besides, the number of piles, the thickness of the paper, and the size of the rolls contribute to the varied circumference of toilet paper rolls. So, there is no fixed toilet paper circumference. Instead, it comes in a range of sizes with varying price options. 

What is the Circumference of a Toilet Paper Roll?

The toilet paper rolls are the cardboard rolls around which the layers of toilet paper are wrapped. The circumference of this toilet paper roll is somewhere between a close measurement. But, the precise value could be different from brand to brand. 

However, the most common circumference of this toilet paper roll is 6 inches. You can also measure it by yourself. You only need to gauge the diameter of the toilet paper roll, which is most likely to be around 2 inches. This is the most common standard across all brands. 

Circumference = π x diameter

Circumference = π x 2 inches ≈ 6.28 inches

So, the circumference of a toilet paper roll with a 2-inch diameter is approximately 6.28 inches. As a result, the standard circumference of a toilet paper roll is somewhere around 6 inches. This diameter and circumference of toilet paper are considered to be the most standard toilet paper roll that is compatible with almost all toilet paper holders and limited-sized bathrooms

Four rolls of toilet paper, each with a standard circumference measurement, placed on a plain white background.

What is the Standard Width of an Average Toilet Paper?

An average toilet paper from any brand is 4.6 inches wide. That’s not to say the 4.6 inch is not a universally specific width for toilet paper. The width of the toilet paper sheet can be slightly different from one brand to the other. 

However, a 4.6-inch width is, by large, considered to be the most standard width for toilet paper. Over the years of price hikes, toilet paper manufacturers tried to deal with it by shrinking the size of the toilet paper, keeping the price unchanged. 

Overall, you can find the width range of average toilet paper between 4 to 4.6 inches. 

What is the Standard Length of an Average Toilet Paper?

The common length of a single sheet of toilet paper is 4.5 inches. However, an individual toilet paper sheet can be as long as 5.5 inches. The multiplication of the length of one sheet with the number of sheets in a toilet roll is the total length of the toilet paper. But, the total number of sheets in toilet roll widely varies based on the manufacturer and type of the pack. 

There are different types of toilet paper in the market, including standard rolls, mega rolls, jumbo rolls, etc. Overall, the total length of a typical toilet paper roll can be within a range of 100 to 130 feet. 

The jumbo or the larger rolls can be way too long, considering the larger number of sheets. These can be up to 360 meters long and are often seen in high-traffic areas like airports, trade fairs, public restrooms, etc. 


The dimension of the toilet paper roll helps you make a better purchasing decision. You can quite wisely get the toilet paper with the most sheets, the least circumference of the cardboard roll, and higher length and width. Besides, the standard-sized circumference will likely be compatible with your toilet paper dispenser.

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