Tuscany Toilet Reviews: Best Features, Downsides, and Customer Reviews

When it comes to finding the best toilet for your home, several things need to be put in the right places. Among those things, design, budget, flush efficiency, cleaning system, water flow, etc., are some major aspects you must consider.
Tuscany toilet reviews

For the last few years, Tuscany toilets have been getting significant attention due to their popularity among homeowners and residents. It’s not like they’re the best brand in the market. However, you can surely get good value for the money you would invest in these midrange toilets. 

If you’re eager to dig deeper into Tuscany toilets, read this informative article as we’re sharing its vital aspects, including its origin, key features, pros and cons, product uniqueness, and more. 

Origin: Manufacturer of the Tuscany Toilet

The manufacturing license of the Tuscany toilet is owned by Menards, a family-owned home improvement company based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Menards has been in the home improvement business since 1958. 

However, the manufacturing process of Tuscany Toilets is done in Asia. Although made in Asia, the craftsmanship of Tuscany toilets owes its excellence to the native Italian making practice. 

These toilets come with perfect rough-in measurements and an efficient flushing process which will be a great fit for any household. 

What Are the Key Features of Tuscany Toilet?

Basically, Tuscany toilets come in four different models in the market. There are Tuscany Michigan, Tuscany Erie, Tuscany Ontario, and Tuscany Huron

These four models are slightly different from each other in design but share quite similar features in all. That’s why you might find it difficult to choose any one model for your home. 

However, we can derive some key features of the Tuscany toilet that will ensure its high-quality function, durability, and best-value purchase traits. So, let’s dive into learning about some key features of the Tuscany toilet in the following: 

  1. High-End Design 

Tuscany Michigan, Huron, and Erie models come in a 2-piece design, while only the Tuscany Ontario model is available in a 1-piece design. As for the first impression, Tuscany toilets look a lot better than their midrange price. 

All four models are made in tall elongated shapes for ergonomic sitting purposes. Its high-end and elegant design definitely speaks for its quality and function. You can be satisfied with your purchase once you see it perfectly standing in your bathroom. 

Even for an inexperienced person, the Tuscany toilet will render the impression of high-end aesthetics and clean lines for its modest price. 

  1. A1 Quality Ceramic 

One of the main components that make Tuscany toilets look so elegant is the top-quality ceramic. The manufacturer has maintained its feature color, the pearly white in its design, to get such pure and blazing finish in their making. 

The major reason behind using white ceramic is to let the Tuscany toilets fit into most bathroom interiors nowadays. The pearly white color actually creates a balanced contrast with any bathroom designs and color schemes on walls, floors, and tiles— a popular choice for most homeowners.  

  1. Excellent Flush Performance 

As most buyers are concerned with its major function, flushing, let us tell you that all Tuscany toilets have an excellent flush system with utmost performance. The flush performance rating of Tuscany toilets is 1000 grams which is quite impressive.  

Also, the Tuscany toilet’s flushing is clog-free and free from plugged-up drains. These toilets have a fantastic Gravity Siphonic flush system that runs down all waste into the plumbing through an S-shaped trapway. Then it gets rid of the waste at an appropriate speed without leaving any trace of dirt.  

Not to mention, Tuscany toilets have both dual and single flush types, and you can choose the one to fit your needs. 

  1. Efficient Cleaning System 

Tuscany toilets are well-known for their efficient cleaning system. Their appropriate flushing system keeps the bowl clean without leaving any trace of dirt. 

However, the 2-piece models might a little more attention than the one-piece model as there is a possibility of hidden dirt, germs, grease, etc., between the toilet tank and bowl. 

Despite that, most customers have a positive review about the easy cleaning of Tuscany toilets. 

  1. Hassle-Free Installation 

Installing the Tuscany toilets is almost a no-brainer. Anyone with simple knowledge of fitting and installation can do it. Besides, manufacturers sell this toilet lineup with installation kits and an instruction manual to make your task a breeze. 

So, bring the Tuscany toilet of your selected model home and get on to fit it into your bathroom’s specified space. 

Remember, these toilets come with a 12-inch rough-in measurement. Hence, it’ll be quicker for you to finish fitting and installation. 

  1. Long-Term Warranty Coverage 

Another great feature of Tuscany toilets is their long-term warranty coverage. The manufacturer complies with the American Standard warranty term for toilet products— a 5-year warranty for all mechanical parts. 

You can’t ask for more from a toilet brand if you’re getting all the support from the company for such a long period. It’s a warranty most toilet brands offer to meet the standard manufacturing process for customers. 

  1. Comfortable Use 

Users long for a toilet seat that’s a bit higher, has ergonomic positioning, and makes overall use efficient. Thankfully, most Tuscany toilets (except for Tuscany Erie) come with elongated bowls and higher seats, making them amazingly comfortable for users. 

Although tall people are absolutely comfy with Tuscany toilets, shorter people find them equally easy to use. 

  1. Perfect Rough-In Measurement

Homeowners prefer Tuscany toilets since they’re built with 12-inch rough-in measurements. Modern plumbing standards require 12-inch measurement, so Tuscany toilets are an appropriate fit for most bathrooms. 

Pros and Cons of Tuscany Toilet

Being a popular brand of toilet lineup, Tuscany may sometimes be overestimated. Similar to any other sanitary hardware, these products aren’t completely free from negative remarks. 

Below, we’ll share some pros and cons of Tuscany toilet:


  • Elongated seats with comfortable height
  • Slow-close seats without noise 
  • Water efficient 
  • Replacement push button and flush valve
  • Available in both dual and single flush
  • Midrange price 


  • Non-concealed trapways in 2-piece models 
  • Difficult to clean 2-piece models 
  • Quicker wear-off with heavy use 

How Does Tuscany Toilet Stand Out in the Competition? 

It’s not fair to say that Tuscany toilets are the most premium products in the market. Despite the tough market competition, Tuscany toilet makers have maintained their commitment to high product quality.

What makes Tuscany toilet stand out in the competition is as follows:

  • High-value product in contrast to more premium and expensive brands 
  • Competitive return policy; 90 days with purchase receipt 
  • Aesthetic look with A1 materials at a moderate price 
  • Reputation for a 5-year warranty backed by the company’s diligent services 
  • ADA compliant 
  • Manufacturing experience of 60+ years 

Furthermore, Menards, the manufacturer of Tuscany toilets, is constantly working on quality improvement and customer satisfaction. Their policy is to provide high-end toilets at a reasonable midrange price, making them an exceptional name in the business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Tuscany toilets suitable for disabled people?

Answer: Yes. Tuscany toilets are mostly made in elongated shapes with a higher seat position. This helps anyone with pain in knee joints or backbone to use the toilet comparatively comfortably. It’s easier for them to sit on it and, at the same time, stand up without putting much pressure on their feet. 

Moreover, Tuscany toilets are ADA (The Americans with Disability Act) approved, which also attests to their disabled-friendly product. 

  1. Are Tuscany toilets available in multi colors? 

Answer: No. Tuscany toilets are made from high-quality ceramics that give them a pearly white tone and striking finish. There are no other colors available for this toilet lineup. 

  1. Can I return a Tuscany toilet to the store without a purchase receipt? 

Answer: Yes. You can return your product to the store if you’ve purchased the Tuscany toilet with a credit card or cheque. You may go to the nearest Menards store and print out a Return Receipt from the Return Receipt Kiosk. 

You can do the same online with a Menards account and follow the instructions for credit return. However, the store may refuse to accept the return without any purchase receipt. Also, you must have a driving license or a state ID if you must return without a receipt. 

Key Takeaways 

So, that was our review on Tuscany toilets. We’ve outlined different key features of this popular toilet lineup, so you can take notes of their advantages and downsides. This will help you in purchasing the perfect product for you. 

It goes without saying that Tuscany toilets are the best value products for money. If you’re looking for a midrange toilet to enhance your bathroom’s functionality at a moderate budget, these are the go-to products for you.

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