Where to Put a Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom

When you have a bathroom with limited space, utilizing the small space effectively becomes crucial. In such cases, the placement of even the smallest details, like a toilet paper holder, can make a significant difference. 
A basket of toilet paper.

So, we are here with some thought-provoking ideas on where to strategically position this essential fixture. These ideas will help you make the most of your bathroom’s limited space, and the whole guide is categorically divided so you can fluently think about which design is best suited for your bathroom layout. 

Here are some ideas for the placement of toilet paper holders in bathrooms with limited space.

Floor Placement

Free-standing Toilet Paper Stand

A hand is holding a roll of toilet paper on a free-standing toilet paper stand.

A free-standing toilet dispenser can easily fit into any tiny space or corner of the bathroom. It is also suitable for people with mobility issues as you can place this stand at any convenient position from the toilet. 

It requires no installation, unlike wall-mounted or recessed toilet paper holders. On top of that, most stands are designed to store extra toilet paper rolls at the bottom, so homeowners don’t have to fret about running out of toilet paper.

But some stands are less sturdy at the base and susceptible to tipping over upon accidentally bumping into it. So, when buying a stand, make sure its base is heavy enough to stand straight.

Keep It Invincible 

A small bathroom with a toilet and shower. The toilet paper holder out of sight.

The toilet paper dispenser doesn’t offer a good visual appearance of a clean and clutter-free bathroom. So, keeping the toilet paper holder out of the eyesight can enhance the presentation or appearance of a smaller bathroom. 

Instead, you can keep it inside the bathroom vanity or cabinet. If your bathroom has a closet, you can store it on a shelf of the closet. This option is also decent for those who love maintaining an extra level of hygiene as it saves the papers from splashes. 

Another excellent concealed storage solution for toilet paper is a recessed toilet paper holder mounted on the wall. When you are not using any toilet paper, the recessed toilet paper holder remains almost invincible. 

Point to be noted: This option doesn’t technically fall into the category of floor placement.

Storage Rolling Cart

Storing the toilet paper in a bathroom rolling cart is another excellent option for floor-placement toilet paper holders. This option also provides the same advantage as a free-standing toilet paper holder, plus it comes with more space to store other toiletries. Moreover, you can move around it as you like and place it in your convenient position. 

One possible downside could be its size. If not mindfully chosen, the rolling cart may not fit into the space near the toilet. So make sure to choose the right rolling cart size, which is quite compatible with your toilet’s surrounding space.

Vanity and Sink Placement

On The Front or Side of The Vanity

When your bathroom has limited wall space, a practical solution of toilet paper holder is placing toilet paper holder on the front of the vanity. Moreover, a vanity or closet in the bathroom allows you to store your essential items and reduce the clutter around the toilet area. It improves the overall organization and tidiness of the bathroom. 

If the front of the vanity is far away from the toilet’s sitting position, you can also consider placing it on the side of the vanity. The toilet paper holder should always be comfortably accessible from the toilet. 

Side of Cabinet or Sink

A bathroom with white and gray tile, a toilet, and limited space for a toilet paper holder.

If the bathroom furniture, like a cabinet or sink, is located next to your bathroom toilet, mounting the toilet paper dispenser on the side of the furniture can be a good space-saving option. 

However, you need to provide painstaking attention to furniture not being hurt or damaged while mounting on it. This is particularly problematic if you later decide to remove the mounted toilet paper holder or if you want to repurpose the furniture.

On Top of The Toilet

A roll of toilet paper sits on top of a sink in a small bathroom.

Now, if you don’t want your furniture to be drilled or damaged, you can utilize the space above the toilet tank. It is especially recommended when your toilet space is very limited, or you don’t want to get into the hassle of installation. 

Further, it is also very renter-friendly and ideal for digital nomads who don’t have fixed working locations and travel to different locations.

Mounted On The Wall Next To The Toilet

Placing a toilet paper holder on top of the toilet can be a temporary solution while you are waiting to install a more permanent fixture. It can serve as a placeholder until you find a more suitable location or make necessary renovations.

Wall Mounting

When the bathroom wall is next to the toilet, either left or right, you can mount the toilet paper holder right on the wall. While mounting the toilet paper holder on the side wall, choose a convenient position easily accessible from the sitting position of the toilet. 

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) provides guidelines and recommendations for the position of a toilet paper holder in a bathroom. The holder should be positioned 8 inches to 12 inches in front of the edge of the toilet bowl and approximately 26 inches above the floor. This is considered a standard placement of toilet paper on the wall for easy and comfortable use of toilet paper.

Mounted Above The Toilet Tank

TP holder mounted on the side of toilet tank in A small bathroom with a toilet and toilet paper holder.

This method is typically called an over-the-tank toilet paper holder, where the TP holder is mounted or hung over the side of the toilet tank. It is a space-saving solution that does not require drilling or mounting on the wall. The holder typically hangs securely on the edge of the tank and can accommodate one or multiple rolls of toilet paper as well.

As an over-the-tank toilet paper holder comes in various designs and shapes, this option can complement your bathroom decor and add up overall visuals. This way of placing toilet paper holders is very handy and places the rolls within arm’s length while keeping them off the floor and away from moisture. Certain designs can hold extra toilet paper rolls, ensuring a backup supply is readily available. However, this method is inappropriate for in-tank wall-hung toilets.

On The Back Door of The Bathroom

TP holder mounted on the back of bathroom or cabinet door

If your bathroom is very small and the toilet is close to the door, then the most effective space-saving option can be to mount the toilet paper holder on the back of the door. But the door has to be thick enough to be mounted with a toilet paper dispenser. Also, make sure that the toilet paper can’t interfere with the smooth closing and opening of the door. 

Storage Solutions

Use Basket As Storage

Using a basket provides ample space to store multiple toilet paper. On top of that, you don’t need to be hard on the wall of your well-decorated bathroom. Even placing a cute basket makes the bathroom more appealing to see. However, it may not be the most practical and standard way to use toilet paper. It is unhygienic because it requires the use of both hands to roll out a sheet of toilet paper. 

A basket of toilet paper rolls for small bathroom.

On A Shelf

A group of rolls of toilet paper and where to put toilet paper holder in small bathroom.

If there are shelves mounted on your bathroom wall with easy access from the toilet’s sitting position, placing the toilet paper holder on them can save your space, wall, and money. Neither do you have to mount on beautiful wall tile, nor do you need to buy a stand or basket. However, you may reconsider the poor hygiene of the option.


Where is the Best Place to Install a Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom?

Answer: This completely depends on how you want to manage your space. If you take NKBA guidelines as an example, then it says the toilet paper holder should be 26 inches (660mm) above the floor and 8 to 12 inches (200-300mm) distance from the front of the toilet. That said, in what way to put it in the bathroom is completely up to you.

In What Direction Should a Toilet Paper Holder Be? 

Answer: The toilet paper holder should be on the closest wall near the toilet, whether that’s to the left, right, or even behind the toilet. The height of the toilet paper holder should be convenient and comfortable for users as well. So, there is no hard and fast rule to place a toilet paper holder in a specific direction.  

Should I Choose a Vertical or Horizontal Toilet Paper Holder for a Small Bathroom?

Answer: The vertical TP holders are compact and can save your bathroom’s vertical space, whereas a horizontal one is most commonly used by homeowners. Horizontal holders are easy to use, but vertical holders can be a good choice for small bathrooms with limited wall space. Now you have to decide what you want. 


Coming to the end of the article, we have discussed many possible options for beautifully decorating your toilet paper rolls in your bathroom with the most accessibility. If you are facing small space issues, my best solution for you will be to go for the over-the-tank spot or side of a vanity or cabinet of your toilet. 

However, mounting over the tank or using the back of the door is also a good option to opt for. Now, it is up to you to decide which design is most compatible with your bathroom size and layout.

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