Why isn’t my home selling?

Your house has been on sale for some time now, and you are beginning to wonder why your home is not selling as quickly as you thought it would. Even though studies and reports are showing that most houses on sale are selling and fetching good prices. 

There are several reasons why houses fail to sell. Most of the reasons why your home is not selling can be fixed, and in a few days, your house will be ready for sale.

Take a look at some of the mistakes that homeowners make and see how you can solve these mistakes.

You are selling the house at the wrong price.

You want to sell the house at the best price it can get. However, when determining the right amount for their home, homeowners tend to sell their houses at a very high price or for a low price.

If your price is wrong, it will be difficult for you to get the right offers for the home. For instance, if the rate is too high, you will receive offers from potential buyers that are below the price range for which you want to sell the house. 

On the other hand, if the price is too low, many prospective buyers will be fearful of buying the home at the low price for fear that the house could have many defects.

To make a sale, you need to market the house at a competitive price. If you suspect that you have not priced your house right, you can fix this problem conducting market research to see the marketing prices for similar homes in your area.

You can also consider selling the home for a price that is slightly lower than that being offered for similar homes in your area. 

You have poorly shot photos of your home.

Your agent took poor photos of the home. If the agent you hired was in a hurry to take the photographs, it is possible that the pictures are not clear and they did not capture the best features of your home. This is especially true if the photos were taken on a cloudy or rainy day. Therefore your house looks gloomy and or worn out in the images.

To verify if this is the case, ask your agent to show you the photos he or she took of the home for marketing.

Scrutinize the pictures and if you are not pleased with the photos, ask the agent to retake the photos.

Remove any vehicles in front of the house, toys and other items before the images are retaken. Also, lawn the garden before the agent takes new photos of the house.

Consider paying more money for upmarket marketing materials if your property requires it. 

Make sure that the agent presents the photos of the house in a chronological manner so that the pictures appear in the way in which one would view the house, were they to visit your home physically. So the photos should start from the porch area as you move to the sitting room, the dining room, and the rest of the house.

You hired the wrong agent for your house.

If you are not scheduling home viewing appointments for your home, you may have hired the wrong agent. Your agent should pitch your house well enough to attract numerous buyers for your home.

Some of the reasons why your agent may not be performing include, you hired a relative or a friend to sell your home, your agent is too busy to sell your home, your agent lacks proper interpersonal skills needed to market the home effectively, and the agent does not have the professional skills required to sell the house. Likewise, the agent could have given you a significant discount for his or her professional services thus he is not prioritizing your home.

Talk to your agent to find out why your home is not attracting buyers. If your agent does not have a clear strategy on how to address the issue, find a new agent.

If you choose to fire your agent, check out the local newspapers and property websites to see which agents are selling properties in your area. See how many homes the agent has sold in the last year, the price range, the duration taken to sell the house and whether the homes sold are similar to your home. It will assist you to assess which agent is proper for your home.

Ask three agents to present their sale strategies for the home to you. The sale strategies should include a detailed analysis of how the agent will approach potential buyers, and how the agent will market the home so that it is visible to the right buyers.

Based on the presentations, select the best of the three agents and hire them to market your home. Do not sign a contract for more than one and a half months so that you are free to hire another agent if the agent chosen is not performing.

Your property is a mess.

If your home looks worn out, it will not get the right offers. Prepare the house for viewings by repairing broken faucets and drawers, fixing the lighting in the house, repaint the exterior part of the house among other things. 

Do not invest heavily on the repairs as you may not get your money back. 

Your sign has too much information.

If your ‘for sale sign’ has a lot of information on it, like ‘new in the market’ or ‘reduced price.’ Such information could be driving away buyers because it seems like you are too desperate to sell the house.

Remove any unnecessary information on your sign if this is the case.

You are unwilling to negotiate with prospective buyers.

You may have received several offers from prospective buyers. However, you are not willing to negotiate with the potential buyers to see if you and the buyer can agree on the best price for your home.

Be flexible when you receive offers from buyers. 

The timing is not right.

If the economy is not doing so well, it may not be the right time to sell your home because most people may not have the money to buy your home.

Talk to your agent about this, he or she should be able to evaluate if now is the best time to sell your home.

Too much of you

Most buyers prefer to negotiate the price with the agent and not the owner of the home. Thus if you are present during the discussions, the buyer might be undecided as to whether they want to buy the house.

Also, remove all family photos before the staging so that the buyer can visualize themselves in your home. Your children and other family members, too should not be present during the viewings to give the prospective buyers enough space and freedom to assess the house to see if it’s the right fit for them.

Your agent is not giving you feedback.

Once your agent completes a showing, he or she should communicate the buyer’s comments about the house after the viewing. Such information is crucial as it can help you know the areas that you need to improve on for the house to sell.

Rectify the areas that need to be addressed for a quick sale!

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